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Ever been lectured about the wisdom of  planning ahead? It seems this is an across-the-centuries virtue, dads wish to instill in their kids. I don’t know about you, but this June I’ll be showing my dad how I actually listen to  his lecturing.

He’ll be out of his mind that his little girl does other things than  arguing with him! Here’s my list of the best gift ideas for all those dads feeling disregarded and not enough appreciated!

Geekiest dad gifts. Ever.

If your dad is into technology and oddly enough starts talking like Leonard from Big Bang Theory, you just know he will love any gift that comes from the ultimate geek store From a USB-connected desktop fan, to a stress-relieving fidget game, your geeky options are infinite!

Something unique, just like dad

Childhood memories for your dad to cherish with Mixbook

For those who want to give their dads something one of its kind, Novica is the place to go. Here you can find gathered in one place,  artifacts of cultures unlike our own.

Artists from Bali to Andes, share their creative art allowing you to become your dad’s favorite offspring. To give you an idea Novica offers gift ideas like a a wood chess set and an oh-so-relaxing parachute hammock!

Give him something to remember

Parents often complain how children easily forget the effort, affection and nurturing they received by their parents. Show your dad how much you value and reminisce your childhood and his efforts to raise you with a Mixbook.

Let him know that if it weren’t  for him your childhood wouldn’t be as playful and instructive.

Fruit Baskets from Florida

This will certainly win you the” most unexpected father’s day gift” prize.

Apart from the scrumptiousness of a Hales Groves fruit basket, your gift will have a deeper, archetypal meaning. Fruits signify health, prosperity and life. In a word, your gift will signify how much he should value his health, since there’s a person (that’s you) that cannot live without him.

Debunk the myth of chocolates

Whoever associates chocolates exclusively with women is somewhat delusional. Men love chocolates as much as women.

This Father’s day is your chance to put an end at this sexist discrimination against men. Shatter the gender stereotype that makes chocolates a woman’s thing, today!

You’ll be scoring extra points as your dad will recognize your bravery to break through norms and customs! Order your rebellious gift from the temple of chocolates,

The greatest gift is you

For those studying or just living away from home, a surprise visit is indubitably the best gift idea. CheapOAir offers great  prices, that even your tight budget can afford. What will you be giving your dad this Father’s day?


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