Mobile Marketing to Promote Your Small Business

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As smartphones become less expensive and more widespread, the marketing world is trying to figure out ways to utilize this relatively old, but recently resurrected market segment. Brands and companies focused too much on building websites for PC use, failing to see how mobile marketing is a lucrative and very effective promoting channel.

Do you wonder how you can promote your small business visibility through mobile marketing? Here are 3 ways you could start working on it!

Create a mobile-friendly website

Don’t make do with having just a PC-enabled website. Create another one for all those users always on the go, accessing everything from their smarphones and rarely using a laptop or PC to surf online.

Not everyone has a laptop or a tablet, especially those you’re most interested in targeting, live on their smartphones. The great thing about mobile marketing is that with a few age group exceptions, most people ages 12-55 are light to heave smartphone users!

Go mobile or remain invisible

Create an interactive, engaging application

You can forgo creating a mobile-enabled website, or do both for maximum results! Apps are the latest trend that seems to be here to stay. If you’re not yet taking advantage of it, you’re missing out.

Having a mobile platform that will reach your non-computer-user clients, it is a big deal. It means you are up to date, reachable and in line with technology. Now if it is a well designed and effective application, even better.

Take into account the local factor

The location parameter is evidently important for any company’s mobile presence. As people are on the go, they  are most likely to search for information regarding a nearby services or shops. So making sure you have a seamless integration of your geographical location and related information available on your mobile app/webpage is one step to drawing more customers to your shabby chic new coffee shop!

As an ever-increasing number of Internet users gradually switche to mobile phone Internet use, you realize how much is at stake if you do not follow up. These are three great ways to start investing in this constantly thriving new marketing trend.


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