‘Pokemon Go’ Is Everywhere But These Instances Make Us Say WTF

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Everyone’s going crazy over the Pokemon Go game these days. All we can hear is Pokemon and Pokemon. It makes me remember my days when I was a kid and used to watch Pokemon all day. So here are some Pokemon Go moments you don’t wanna miss cause people are going crazy!

1. Pokemon Go got this guy a date.

He was travelling in the metro and saw this girl standing near him playing Pokemon Go and he just asked this very simple question, “What all Pokemons do you have?“, and rest is predictable.

2. Pokemon Go is making people workout.

People are on the streets walking miles just to find their favourite Pokemon which is in fact helping them. It’s making them exercise and loose the fat.


3. Cafes are using Pokemon Go as an attraction for public.

You can now see interesting hoardings and toys just to get people attracted and buy from the store. McDonalds has the happy meal with Pikachu and sales are going up and up!


4. You can now buy Pokemon Go merchandise.

Since everyone has got this obsession for Pokemon Go, they have released merchandise for you lovely fans. Buy it online or from local stores.

5. This driver publicising his love for the game.

He has got this sign on his car, “Frequent stops” with a Pokemon go sign because he Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Beware guys, beware! This obsession is getting big.

People are going gaga over this game, it’s been a few days only and it’s obsession is hitting hard. Play it once, leave it never. Though it has not been made available in India officially you can find many other ways to download the game and obsess over it.


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