Did You Know That These ‘Monsoon’ Words Exist?

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Here is an addition to your stock of vocab. For the rain-lovers out there is your additional enjoyment.

1. Sirimiri

Noun, A light rain, a fine drizzle. Origin, Latin.
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2. Brontide

Noun, The low rumble of distant thunder. Origin, English.

3. Pluviophile

Noun, A lover of rain, someone who finds peace of mind during rainy days.
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4. Petrichor

Noun, The scent of rain on dry earth.
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5. Hoppipolla

Phrase or Verb, Jumping or hopping into puddles, this phrase got momentum after Icelandic band Sigur Ros.
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6. Serein

Noun, The fine, light rain that falls from a clear sky at sunset or the early hours of night. Origin, French.
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7. Mistpouffer

Noun, A mysterious sound heard over the ocean in quiet,foggy weather.
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8. Effervescence

Noun, Bubbles in liquid,fizz.
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