Girlfriend Illustrates Super Adorable Relationship With Her Boyfriend! Is it for Real?

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Relationships can be funny and cute at the same time and these adorable comics prove it. They’re all about Catana, a Saratoga Springs-based artist, and her bearded boyfriend “trying to be adults”, and as you can see, they don’t always succeed! Her boyfriend recently posted them online and it went viral with more than a million views, how relatable Catana’s comics are. The simple illustrations cleverly capture the quirks and idiosyncrasies of life in a relationship, and although she’s only just started, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of her brilliant work in the future. She’s amazing!


#1 illus1


#2 illus 2



#3. illus 3


#4 illus4


#5 illus 5


#6 illus 6


#7 illus 7


# 8illus 8


#9 illus 10


#10 illus 11


#11 illus 9


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