3 Pocket Friendly Clothing Ideas Every Girl Should Try!

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We proudly present you the 3 top trends for Fall/Winter 2014.

Whether you’re a fashionista or more of a normcore kind of dresser, these 3 fashion trends and their corresponding iconic pieces will update and compliment your last year’s wardrobe. You don’t have to break the bank to have flawless style this Fall!

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1.Fifty Shades of Grey

You might not be a huge fan of grey. After all, it makes your face look pale and dials down every single outfit. Why would designers even introduce this hideous colour you wonder.



Grey is a versatile, discreetly elegant color. Think in shades of silver, charcoal and greige. If you’re feeling daring this fall, try the total grey look. Wear an assuming grey pair of skinny pants with a matching silvery blouse to glamour up your look. For laid back looks, choose a greige cozy knit dress.

2. Add definition to the outfit

with an above the waist tiny belt Who knew fashion would be so effortlessly chic!



Be Off-Duty Chic With Chunky Shoes Yes, there will be absolutely no shoe invented in the next few centuries to ever threaten the timeless and elegant nude heels and black pumps. However, the chunky heels shoes and the wedge boots to the winter plimsoll, and the platform sneakers, these are our guilty must-haves this fall! Don’t feel intimidated by the sturdy, less feminine looks of it. Chunky heels, wedges and platform sole sneakers make for a great addition to a timeless wardrobe. Add a little zing by choosing an avant-garde chunky shoe to update your work outfits and turn a few stares your way!

3. Bold Dresses

Are Not For Just Summer Think patterns and daring cuts are for summer? Think again.


This fall choose folklore patterns and tailored, sharp ones to add some oomph to your style. From oriental, intricate patterns to dark lace, feminine dresses, this winter go all in with color, rich patterns, and loads of confidence.


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