7 Music And Fashion Collaborations That Shocked The World!

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Music has been a source of inspiration for fashion since a long time. Whether it was with the seeping of the punk rock music of the 80s to the establishment of fashion subcultures based entirely on the genre of music the people associated with. For instance, Vivienne Westwood and Sex Pistols single handedly started the fashion and music subculture we now know as ‘Punk’. Lately, fashion designers all over the world have started collaborating with musicians to come up with something unique and beautiful, which also appeals to the masses.

Here’s a list of 7 incredible music and fashion collaborations that have left the world speechless.

1) Tom Ford and Justin Timberlake

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Justin Timberlake has come a long way from his N-Sync days, ditching the double denim and blonde cornrows look for a more sophisticated and elegant (read: hot!) look, mostly in suits and ties (also the name of his album!). He sought noted fashion designer, Tom Ford, to come on board as a creative director for his album and has since collaborated with him on his bespoke clothing line.

2) Rihanna and River Island

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Rihanna debuted her first fashion line, during the London Fashion Week, with River Island. Infused with floral and metallic, the singer’s collection is a reflection of her own personal style and personality.

3) Lady Gaga and Versace


Lady Gaga maybe a controversial fashion icon but it is no surprise that she has been chosen as a muse for not one but two major fashion designers. After serving as an inspiration for Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga caught the eye of the creative heads at Versace, who not only gave her tour a complete fashion makeover, but also signed up Gaga as their brand ambassador.

4) Beyonce with ‘Yonce’

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Queen Bey once again proved that she truly is the queen when it comes to music and revolutionizing the way things work. With her music video for ‘Yonce’, Bey took inspiration from George Michael classic, Freedom, and roped in supermodels Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls to star in her video. This was a blatant stand against the lack of diversity on runways that season.

5) Kanye West and Maison Martin Margiela

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Kanye West sought to erase the boundaries between fashion, music and art by collaborating with noted avant garde designer, Maison Martin Margiela, for the tour of his album, Yeezus, by featuring a series of fashion forward collections on the stage (bejeweled masks and over the top silhouettes).

6) Bjork and Alexander McQueen

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Bjork’s 1997 record, Homegrown, featured her in a never seen before avatar on the cover, which created as much buzz as the music itself. The Icelandic singer had collaborated with designer Alexander McQueen to come up with an image that was the essence of her music. The duo later collaborate don several other projects as well, with McQueen directing Bjork’s music video for ‘Alarm Call’.

7) Joan Jett and Jean Paul Gaultier

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In collaboration first, Jean Paul Gaultier designed an entire collection inspired by singer Joan Jett. The models wore wigs identical to Joan Jett’s hairstyle and some of her most famous songs played as a background score.


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