Curated Wardrobe: the newest trend

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What is it?

Having closets asphyxiating with clothing and accessories never worn, has been for the last 15 years a common situation in consumer-oriented societies. Whilst people and mostly women, would hurry buying the newest trends in the latest fashionable colors and patterns, this is slowly giving way to a more minimal, yet comprehensive wardrobe.

Including fashion staples of high-quality fabrics and tailoring, but also high- street fashion, the philosophy behind a curated wardrobe is to own only versatile, quality items that can yield  fresh combinations that suits one’s personal style. The money invested and the clothes’ label is no longer relevant. Moreover, quantity will not make your wardrobe complete, but high-quality, carefully chosen items will.

How do I benefit?

The philosophy is becoming your own wardrobe, closely monitoring what is being added into your wardrobe. The idea is finding key wardrobe items that are self-expressive and representative of your personality and style.

It is all about steering away from mindless spending and being just another fashion victim. It prioritizes quality over quantity, timelessness over fashion, whilst it teaches temperance and it promotes mindful consumption. It values personal expression over sameness and trend following, it instills an attitude for avoiding overspending and impulsive (meaningless) purchases. Not only will you benefit in that you will spend less money, but it will also be easier for you to dress, since you will not have to scavenge through a packed wardrobe each morning.

A curated wardrobe allows you to discover the essence and functionality of clothing, by pointing out the emptiness of consumerism and the vanity of fast-track fashionability. Big wardrobes no longer signify wealth, it is in fact rich people that are the first to turn to an essentially utilitarian wardrobe.

Do you really think this purse is what you need?

Why should I choose a curated wardrobe?

It will pay of long term, since you will spend the same or even less money for fewer items of exceptional quality and ageless elegance. You will gradually build up a wardrobe that is expressive of your personal style and has a peerless sophistication and tastefulness.

With a curated wardrobe you focus on the personal, beautiful and meaningful things in life. It constitutes a triumph of small over big, and sensible over nonsensical. So, next time you are tempted to buy that new pair of peep-toes, or that shimmering beige satchel bag, think twice. Be your closet’s curator, carefully scrutinize and monitor your existing and potential wardrobe items, in order to discover those that are really “you”.


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