#Fashion Alert: The Best Smartwatches for Women!

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Since the inception of smartwatches, the majority of these tech-time pieces have been bulky monstrosities whose design and functionality was skewed heavily in favor of performance while sacrificing on style. While their focus was diverted to the tech aspect of the watch, it was also overwhelmingly clear that the watches were created for and marketed to a largely male demographic, much to the ire and disappointment of women who felt excluded from wearing such chunky timepieces.

Thankfully, technology and designs have progressed. The newer generations of smartwatches are tailored to a broader audience, which means that there are a lot more designs that appeal to women. Some models take their inspiration from classic aviation timepieces, while others draw on more modern designs. Regardless of where their motive was derived from most people are just excited about a larger marketplace with more choice and variation. After all, smartwatches – and watches in general – are one of the most essential daily accessories that go with almost any outfit, so it makes sense that they should appeal to as broad an audience as possible. With that in mind, here are the current best smartwatches for women:

1. 38mm Apple Watches Series 3

While other smartwatch brands have produced worthwhile pieces of tech, no other company has been as successful at marketing a product as Apple. From the svelte iPods to the thinnest laptops, Apple is adept at making their brand fashionable. It’s therefore no surprise that their latest generation of smartwatch – the 38mm Series 3 – is a stylish, slim and amazingly functional. Not only is it water resistant, crammed full of fitness features and packed full of the latest sensors, its 38mm case – 4mm smaller than the 42mm model – and different finishes make it ideal for slimmer wrists. Many of the thinner watch straps and faces are made with adaption in mind, meaning there’s a wider variety of styles and more possibility of personalization to suit specific looks. But looks aren’t the only deciding factor. The Apple Watch still boasts many of the cutting-edge and user-friendly features which made the brand famous in the first place.

2. Michael Kors Rose Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch

For those ladies who enjoy designer brands, Michael Kors’ bold take on a smartwatch is likely to appeal. It’s a chunkier option that’s compatible with Android operating systems and comes in a beautiful rose gold finish. While the bulkier design might look slightly awkward on skinnier wrists, it does give the watch a certain heft that makes wearing it a pleasure. The strap is thick and made from metal but the option to trade up to a slimmer leather strap is also available. While the watch can support a ton of apps, fitness tracking, allows for reading messages and notifications, it’s definitely angled towards looking good as an accessory. The tradeoff with this intent is that the watch lacks a GPS as well as mobile payment support, two features which are included in other smartwatches such as the Apple Watch.

3. Misfit Phase

While Misfit is generally known for their fitness watches, they’ve managed to combine all the features an athlete might want together with the aesthetic and functionality of a smartwatch. While wearing the watch you can swim, run and perform other physically demanding tasks. The watch itself is able to track your activity and your sleep, send and receive messages, and create alarms and reminders. It also tells time. Unlike the other smartwatches in this article, the Misfit Phase doesn’t need constant charging. While other smartwatches need to be charged every day, the Phase can go for up to six months on a single charge. The minimal design and small stature, combined with just enough functionality to make it a useful tool, mean that the Phase is an ideal smartwatch for active women.


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