#FashionAlert: Would You Dare to Wear a Shirt “Back-To-Front”?

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Today what you wear and in what you are comfortable with is Fashion. Fashion is something which has no rules and regulations; the recent eccentric fashion has proved this true. The fashion which has left every one puzzled and confused is the “back-to-front” style. Many girls dare to try the shirts this way.
Check this out:


Imagine a white loose shirt half tucked in with a pair of jeans is so very cool. Right? But now the same shirt with the pair of jeans, only this time with the buttons on the back. Yes! Would you dare to try this? Many girls did.


You have to remember one thing while trying this is to take an oversized shirt or you can borrow *his* shirt (that will be more cool). Also unbutton a few buttons from top for a better look and to flaunt your sexy back of course.



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