OFF SHOULDER TOP: Get your Pairing Basics Right!

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All of us have one of those colourful off-shoulder tops. Don’t we? Red, blue, black and many more colors!
This new boho trend is a bang on! Be it a party, college or a shopping day out with your girlies! Off-shoulder top is the answer to ‘What should I wear?’

Confused how to pair it up? We have some tips for you.

1. Hot pants


A Hot pant is all that you need! Isn’t it the perfect outfit for a summer afternoon?

2. Rugged jeans

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We all have comfy rugged jeans. Don’t we? Pair it up with your favourite off shoulder top. Wear it to college or a day out! Casual yet so stylish.

3. A choker

images (3)

Chokers are pretty much in! Most of us own it. Don’t we? Different designs, different styles and different colors! Let that choker give some detailing to your neck.

4. A skirt

images (2)

Long, mini or knee length. Pair a skirt with your top and let the style make its own statement!

5. A Plazo

images (4)

Wear that hot pair of plazo with your off shoulder and spread all the sassy-ness around! Own this ever so stylish statement, now!

6. A Dangri

images (6)

Show the world that a dangri can never go out of fashion! Dangri with an off shoulder looks oh-so-cool! Does it not?

7. A scarf

images (5)

Use your pretty scarf and some creativity. Style your self with different patterns and you are good to go!


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