The Best Markets Around The World!

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These are the markets from all over the world, famous for something or the other. With their own specialties and charm, these markets are definitely a must visit, whenever you are in these countries.

1. Chatuchak Market- Bangkok

It is the most famous market in the world, and has anything and everything to shop. Home decors, amazing clothes, shoes, bags and what not at very reasonable prices. And if you think you will go see some other shop for more variety, well they have more than 15000 booths, so forget it that you will cover it all.

2. Grand Bazaar- Istanbul

grand bazaar istanbul
For many visitors sightseeing in Istanbul is as much about shopping as museums and monumental attractions, and the Grand Bazaar is where everyone comes. This massive covered market is basically the world’s first shopping mall; it takes up a whole city quarter, surrounded by thick walls, between the Nure Osmanıye Mosque and Beyazıt Mosque.

3. Borough Market- London

Borough Market offers specialities directly from the producers, organic products, delicatessen, cheese, wines, fish and imported continental fare. If you’re not familiar with the produce on the stalls, or you’re not sure how to cook it, just ask: the traders will be delighted to tell you about their specialities, where they come from and how to make the most of them. Look round carefully before you buy – the Market sells some expensive delicacies but there are also lots of delicious affordable cuts of meat and good-value seasonal fish, vegetables and fruit.

4. La Boqueria- Barcelona

La Boqueria is one of the most famous food markets in the entire world. This market dates back to the 1200s and is a cultural icon in Barcelona.

5. Marché aux Puces St.-Ouen- Paris

paris flea market
Marché aux Puces St.-Ouen is Paris’ largest flea market and one of the best shopping resources in the world. The popularity of the market does mean that you will be able to find great restaurants, bars, and cafes nearby to sit down at for a snack while hunting for hidden gems.

6. Kashgar’s Bazaar- China

Kashgar's Bazaar- China
Kashgar is at the center of Central and Western Asia and it represents the food, culture, and lifestyle of many different areas of the world in one location. Kashgar is essentially one gigantic market city, often referred to as the Sunday Market, mostly due to the large swaths of people who flock to the area to purchase a week of supplies on Sundays.


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