14 Summer Drinks to Keep You Cool This Summer

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Summers are at their peak and it is important to make sure that our body is getting enough to drink to stay hydrated. Here’s a list of 14 beverages that will take care of your taste buds and keep your body hydrated at the same time.

1. Lemonade

All that you need to make lemonade is lemon and water. You can add flavor to it by adding mint juice, roasted cumin powder, black salt or make it sweet by adding sugar.

2. Aam panna

Made using raw mangoes, aam panna helps to prevent heat strokes and keep the body cool. Raw mangoes are rich in vitamin C and iron.

3. Coconut water

fresh cut green coconut with water splash on white

fresh cut green coconut with water splash on white

If you stay in a place where fresh coconut water is available easily in summers then you are simply blessed. It is one of the best and the healthiest option to beat summer heat.

4. Jal jeera

A spiced cooling drink also used as an appetizer or just as a drink.

5. Sweet lassi

Camera 360

Camera 360

Made from yogurt, sweet lassi can be flavored with cardamom powder, rose water and saffron. Few other variations of sweet lassi are strawberry lassi, fruit lassi, papaya lassi and mango lassi.


Made using yogurt, it can be flavored with mint, ginger, cumin powder or curry leaves, other herbs and spices. Mint chaas is another variant of it.

7. Roohafza

A sweet rose scented healthy syrup made with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and roots. You can add it to milk, kulfi, falooda, ice cream, phirni or have it simply with plain water.

8. Mango milk

mango milk
You need a ripe sweet mango,milk, sugar and cardamon to make it. Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth and your drink is ready to be served.

9.Rose lassi

rose lassi
It is made by blending yogurt, rose water, sugar, water and cardamom together until smooth. It has a very cooling effect on your body.

10.Ice tea

ice tea
A form of cold tea served in a glass with ice. This cool drink will provide you relief in scorching hot summers.

11.Warm water with lemon

lemon and warm water
This may be the shocker on the list. But warm drinks actually activate the sweat response, which cools the body faster than a big, icy beverage that tricks the system into thinking it is already cool.

12. Raw juice

raw juice
Other than keeping you cool,juices do good to your body in many other ways. Fresh juice helps get the digestion moving and the brain working, without loading your belly.

13. Mint drink

mint drink
Mint will not only keep you cool but also cure your stomach related problems.

14. Water

Water is the elixir of life. One must consume atleast two litres of water each day.


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