5 Unkonwn Scientific Tips To Loose Calories

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A simple logic of losing calories is to eat less and burn more. We don’t realise while eating and we consume more calories on daily basis. If you count every calorie that goes into your mouth, then make every calorie count, the initial step is to dump empty calories.

1. Eat whole fruit instead of juice

It really feels fancy and much like a royal breakfast to have brown bread toast and a glass of juice in the breakfast, but if you ever knew that you were dumping empty calories with a glass of juice in your stomach, you may look at it differently. You lose the goodness of the fruit if you consume juice, mainly the fibre and healthy sugar present in it.

2. Home cooked over take away

The nutritionist’s these days emphasize on the importance of cooking your own food. You not only know what you put in it but also it is way healthier than what you eat outside. it is going to be calorie neutral.
eating healthy food

3. Replace nuts with other snacks

Nuts are obviously a good source of vitamins and minerals. A recent study stated that regular consumption of nuts made people less prone to weight gain. Pick up a packet of nuts instead of a packet of chips, actually a packet of calories!download

4. Take time to chew

Ever heard that you must chew every bite atleast 30 times? Not chewing your food will not only make you eat more but also put stress on your digestive system. Quick eaters consume 10% more than slow eaters.

5. Get a good night sleep

When you are sleep deprived, you end up eating more than you should. So keep your calorie intake under check by hitting your bed in time.


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