“Boob Squeezing” Cancer Treatment- A Myth!

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A recent and quite interesting research at UC Berkeley & Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has established that mechanical force can stop growth of cancer cell. And well, when it comes to breast cancer, it is taken for granted that we can hope to see the caring, protective male going to extremes to accomplish this task! Men have been waiting for this news since don’t know when! Also the superhero fantasy comes alive – They apply force and save lives!

But sadly, around all this hype about ‘boob squeezing treatment’ study is based on just the juicy side of the story. For if you were to squeeze the cancer cells that would be in petridish as there was no actual squeezing done!

Actual breast cancer cells are much more complicated than cells lying in a lab waiting to be experimented upon. And all everyone grabbed onto the boob part.

On a serious note, this study shows how mechanical force can not only stop rapid growth of cancer cells but also guide them back to a normal, healthy growth pattern. Though this has been only the outcome of experimentation on cultured cells this would definitely have repercussions in actual diagnosis. This promising new angle in direction of curing cancer can lead to less painful therapies with less number of side-effects too.

Nobody is keeping anyone from kindling the fire of their hopes, any kind of hope!


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