Effective ways to cure hyperthyroidism!

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Hyperthyroidism is an illness in which the thyroid glands produce hormones in excess. Also known as overactive thyroid, this condition happens mostly in women than men. It can affect women of any age between 20 to 40. The symptoms may include:


  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Goiter (enlargement of the thyroid gland) 
  • Fast heart rate
  • Loss of weight




There are a number of causes due to which thyroids produce too many thyroid hormones. 



  • Graves disease



One of the possible causes of hyperthyroidism is Graves disease which is an autoimmune disease in which your immune system attacks your thyroid glands by mistake. This causes thyroids to produce more hormones. 



  • Thyroid nodules



The development of nodules in thyroids can also be the possible cause of the overactive thyroid. The nodules are mostly benign and harmless but the inclusion of thyroid tissue may speed up the production of hormones. 



  • Certain medicines



People who take medicines with iodine in them are most likely to develop hyperthyroidism. These medicines are taken to treat the heart rate. After you stop taking such medicines, your thyroid levels may go back to normal after some time. 



  • Thyroid cancer



A cancerous thyroid tumor may develop in your thyroid glands causing them to produce too many hormones. 



  • Thyroiditis



Swelling in the thyroid glands may also be a possible cause of excessive production of hormones in the body. 


Ways to treat hyperthyroidism


To diagnose whether you have a thyroid problem, a series of tests are conducted by health professionals. Your doctor may run a blood test to check the levels of your thyroid. If the tests come out positive, further tests are done to identify the root cause. 



  • Medications



Some medications are prescribed by the doctor to treat this illness. These medicines help you to reach normal thyroid levels. You can easily purchase these medicines online here which offers every type of drug and medicines at discounted prices. 



  • Radioiodine treatment



Radiotherapy is done to destroy the cells in the thyroid. This causes thyroids to produce fewer hormones. Less hormonal production may keep the thyroid levels at a normal rate. 



  • Surgery



In worst cases, if the medications are not working properly, thyroid glands can be removed altogether. In this way, this condition can be treated permanently. 


Foods to treat hyperthyroidism


There are several foods that you can add to your diet. They help in reducing the overactive thyroids in producing hormones. Some of the following foods will cater to this problem:



  • Omega 3 fatty acids



Untreated hyperthyroidism can lead to many cardiovascular diseases. Fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids which helps in keeping the heart healthy. They are know to reduce inflammation and heartburn. 



  • Whole grain foods



Whole grain foods like cereal, rice, bread and pasta are rich in fiber which helps regulate the bowel movement. One of the main symptoms of overactive thyroid is constipation. Consuming whole grains will treat overactive thyroid. 



  • Nuts



Hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and macadamia provide good sources of selenium which is good for thyroid health.



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