High Protein Vegetarian Recipes!

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If you need to put your body into shape, it is not obligatory to seek for a weight loss product to
add to a diet. A variety of foods available on the market can become a decent source of
demandable nutrients for both your organism and muscles. Naturally, the task is getting more
complicated if the animal source of protein is banned by your moral stand. Nevertheless,
vegetarians successfully use a plant-based source of this important element. On this account,
the following recipes of rich-in- protein (over 20g) dishes without meat will be of service.


A new way to combine greens and baked eggs is the traditional Middle Eastern dish called
shakshuka. You can take it for breakfast or as a meal after the workout.



Take an ovenproof skillet and heat olive oil (1 tablespoon). After that, add garlic (4 cloves) and
onion (one) and sauté them for five minutes. The next ingredient is chickpeas (half a cup).
Sauté it for three minutes. The next step is to add cumin (1 teaspoon), red pepper flakes (half a
tablespoon), diced tomatoes (one can), paprika (2 teaspoons), and cinnamon (one and a half
teaspoons). As soon as the mixture boils, simmer it for ten minutes. Thereafter, you can add
Swiss chard (2 cups). In a minute, make six little holes in your mixture and pour six eggs in
them. Now, you can put the skillet in the oven preheated to 400℉ (200℃). The period of baking
is up to 20 minutes.

Serve the dish and enjoy around 20g of protein.

Overnight Oats

If the previous recipe seems a bit complicated and tiresome, meet a simple solution how to get
more than 20g of protein without huge efforts. Sweet teeth will appreciate this recipe according
to its merit.


Take a medium bowl and add almond milk (three-fourths a cup) and yogurt (half a cup). Mix
these ingredients and gradually add plant-based protein powder (one-fourth a cup), oats (one
cup), chocolate chips (one teaspoon), cinnamon (half a teaspoon), vanilla extract (half a
teaspoon), salt (one-eighth of a teaspoon), and nutmeg (one-fourth a teaspoon). The blend
should be properly stirred. You can distribute this mixture in smaller containers or mug. Cover
the container and place in the fridge for a night. If you have no time to wait, make sure to keep
the mixture in the fridge for at least one hour before taking in order to achieve a proper texture.
The dish can be served both cold and warm (heated in a microwave for not more than a

Broccoli Slaw Stir-Fry

Another way to get a rich-in- nutrients (24 g of protein, 11g of fiber) dish is to spend 15 minutes
for cooking this 345-calorie stir-fry.



Take a small bowl and add rice wine vinegar (two tablespoons), fresh ginger (two tablespoons),
and soy sauce (one and a half tablespoons). The mixture should be refrigerated. Take a large
skillet and heat sesame oil (one and a half tablespoons) in it. Add zucchini (one), red pepper (a
half), tofu (half a cup), garlic (two cloves), and mushrooms (half a cup). Cook the mixture for 2
minutes, stirring well. The last stage foresees adding broccoli slaw (four cups) and pouring soy-
ginger sauce. Stir the mixture for another 4 minutes. Now, the dish is ready to serve.

The above-mentioned recipes are a drop in a bucket of all possible ways to get enough protein
using vegetarian approach. Turn on your imagination and try to invent own solutions for your


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