7 Reasons Why That Bulge Won’t Nudge

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No matter how many times you practice that boat pose or bend down, that stubborn tummy bulge has the knack of not reducing a bit. here’s what you are doing wrong:

1. You are stressed

It’s not a surprise that stress contributes to half of the things wrong with your body! Be it pimple or headache and now FAT BELLY .Scientifically, our brains release cortisol when under stress. If dealing with prolonged stress, this brain chemical changes the way our body distributes fat, increasing the amount of fat we hold in our stomachs. Deep breathing exercises are really helpful in reducing stress and apparently your body weight.


2. You are over-eating

It’s gonna be hard digesting this point if you are a foodie but it’s a fact that to lose one pound of fat you need to burn 3,500 more calories than you take in. If you fool yourself by saying that you’ll compensate night’s dinner by exercising tomorrow then no my friends that agenda does not work!

over eating

3. You are not doing enough cardio

We know how people are these days- Busy Busy Busy! which leaves you with no time for exercise, but it should be mandatory in your to-do-list to include cardio workouts at least three times a week for 30 minutes. This way you’ll lose weight quicker!


4. You are not exercising your abdominal muscles

In addition to cardio workouts to burn fat and increase your heart rate, you also need to do exercises that target your abdominal muscles. By building your abdominal muscles, you’ll boost your metabolism and lose stomach fat quicker. Effective exercises include stomach crunches, bicycle crunches, leg lifts and planks.

bicycle crunch

5. You are eating too much dairy

Get yourself checked for lactose intolerance as this can cause the problem of bloating by eating dairy products. Sorry to say but you will have to simmer down on cheese,milk,dahi and ice creams. Try eliminating dairy products for a few days and see the result.


6. You are eating too much sodium

Exercising alone won’t work if your sodium intake is not on point. Sodium if consumed more than 2500 mg per day can cause bloating, you’ll start to see plumpness around your thighs and stomach. You can offset it by driniking 8 glasses of water everyday.


7. You are drinking too many sodas

Drinking too many sodas, including diet sodas, can also cause a larger #stomach. Regular sodas are full of sugar and empty #calories that add inches to your waistline. Additionally, carbonation in sodas can make you feel gassy and trigger bloating. Eliminate sodas from your diet completely or significantly reduce your consumption to help lose the bulge.



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