5 Things You Must do In Your 20s!

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Teenage is gone and you are stepping in your 20s. Now I won’t talk about the plus points of being 20 something, the most dangerous thing about being in the 20s is that these are the most crucial years of one’s life and it will slip by without even giving you a second chance. So now, you want to spend the most beautiful time of your life very carefully yet in a very jolly state. Scroll down through the list of what you should be doing besides relaxing in the 20s.


1. Invest in yourself


Yes, At this point the best investment would be investing in yourself. Read, take classes, pursue your passion, do goal setting and do anything that will create a bright future for you. Chase personal growth. Aspire to become better that you are today. Don’t be static, keep moving and keep learning. Acquire new skills, hone the already existing skills. Be aware, take examinations like olympiads, just anything which will add to your knowledge and growth. Remember, as long as you live, you will have to live with yourself first and this is not going to change. You are your foundation!


2. Save money


No, you don’t have to go all crazy with this point. But even if your parents are paying for your expenses just make sure you keep saving any extra cash. Adding up small bucks will count in future. Take up part-time jobs whenever you can to save that extra cash. The point is just being careful with your money and not spending like a spoilt brat!


3. Travel


I always say that at this age spend less on material and more on experiences. Go out there, explore and just experience life. Travelling gives you exposure which in turn help you develop a new perspective in life. It can be a college trip or an independent trip with friends or even a solo trip, a family trip. If you can’t travel for whatever reasons just discover new places in your city and see yourself grow with every discovery.


4. Fail!


Yes, Let yourself fail. Well, Don’t get me wrong here. This point only means that just keep trying different things at this age and don’t be afraid to let yourself fail. Because when you fail you learn new ways of doing things right and you grow towards excellence. If you are not failing that means you are not trying!


5. Get out of your comfort zone.

A BIG FAT NO to the comfort zone. Don’t get too habitual of comfort. Move more, sit less. Accept challenges and don’t say no to opportunities. You don’t always have to work for money, sometimes the focus should be on personal growth and learning. Because if you have the right skills you will always have an upper hand.


Work hard! Stay happy:)


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