Foods That Broke All Records!

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You know how they say some people are God-sent for the world’s own good, well, these people are angels. These world records are sure to make your taste bud tingle

1. Largest Doughnut

Sure, it’s not at all weird that U.S.A has a National Doughnut Day, given that it sells so much mostly in Canada *wink wink*. But the history behind it is quite interesting – In 1917, Salvation Army female volunteers known as “lassies” prepared thousands of fresh donuts to the homesick soldiers that served in France during World War I.

There is no doubt as to why someone wouldn’t want to make a large doughnut! so, someone did!!! And the largest donut ever made was an American-style jelly donut weighing 1.7 tons, which was 16 feet in diameter and 16 inches high in the center.

2. Largest Pizza

Five Italian chefs came together to create the World’s Biggest Pizza. The delicious monstrosity measured 131-feet in diameter, tipped the scales at over 51,000 pounds, and contained 1,488 pounds of margarine, 19,800 pounds of flour, 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, 8,800 pounds of mozzarella cheese, 551 pounds of salt, 220 pounds of lettuce and 55 pounds of vinegar.
Now, this is true love *happy tears* . All hail Italy!

3. Largest Burger

You would think Adam Richman is the only one who travels the world for his love for burgers, but he is not. Chef Steve mallie proved his love for burgers when he produced a 185lb (84kg) burger which took him 8 hrs! The stomach-busting meal sells for a wallet-busting $499 dollars (£302) at Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar in Southgate, Michigan, USA.

4. Largest Cupcake

You don’t have to be strawberry shortcake to have a world of cupcakes. If you have a sweet tooth you might like this world record- A 1,224-pound (555-kilogram) triple vanilla cupcake with pink frosting has set a record as the largest cupcake in the world.The colossal cupcake took 12 hours to bake and included 800 eggs and 200lb (90 kg) each of sugar and flour.
Slices of the cupcake were served in exchange for donations to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer organization.
Ryan Abood, owner of New Hampshire-based who made the cupcake, told the Detroit Free Press that it clocked in at an estimated 2 million calories.

5. Largest Chocolate bar

*drools* Why does all good thing happen in Armenia? I mean first Kim Kardashian and now this!
Ms Vardanyan, worker at The Grand candy factory in Yerevan said that the chocolate bar was produced to mark the tenth anniversary of the company. The previous record was set in Italy in 2007.
The bar, containing cocoa beans from Ghana, is 224in long, 110in wide and 10in thick.
It was divided up and handed to the public.

6. Largest French Fries

Yup! that’s right, largest french fries. There is even a world record for French fries! Apparently,Kim Medford, an Arby’s customer in Waynesville, N.C., ordered couple of sandwiches and large fries from Arby’s for her launch; as she started eating her lunch, she realized that her order had one really large fry: a 38 inches long fry, which sets the new world record for the Longest Curly Fry, according to the World Record .
french fry

7. Largest Chocolate Chip Cookie

No joke – it was 102 feet wide and over 40,000 pounds!
On May 17, 2003, Immaculate baked the World’s Biggest Cookie right next to their bakery in Flat Rock, NC. At 102 feet wide and over 40,000 pounds, they turned the previous 80 foot record on its head! the cookie was cut and sold in a special commemorative box for $10 each to the waiting crowd, who were eager to get a taste of the World’s Biggest Chocolate Chip cookie. They raised nearly $20,000 towards the museum fund that day!
choco cookie


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