How to Become Who You Really Are?

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This message was spread at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Following a near-death-like experience, as she said, this popular physician and medical journalist realized that her past conditioning was causing her to live a fake life that created depression and anxiety and other mental illness. In order to find what this really was, she dug deep into her shadow to overcome obstacles and low self-esteem and eventually she learned to love herself which transformed her entire life. In this inspiring talk at TEDxIUM, Dr. Andrea Pennington shows us to do the same and how we can learn who we really are – or who we were meant to be – by examining our biology, our personality and temperament and ultimately discovering our unique ‘Soulprint’ to break free from social conditioning that creates self-loathing and self-rejection.


Dr. Andrea Pennington is the Founder and President of Pennington Empowerment Media. An integrative medical doctor, acupuncturist and Positive Psychology coach, she empowers people to go from “surviving to thriving” by embracing their strengths and talents and sharing them with the world in a powerful way. As an investigative journalist, she produces television programs and documentaries about the soul and science of wellness, longevity and optimal living. Dr. Pennington provides values-based brand development consulting for individuals and small companies who wish to make an impact in the world through digital and broadcast media.



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