How To Fight Depression and Be Productive!

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How many times did you go through the darkest nights and emptiness? How many times have you ignored all the mood swings? I know depression can be a very strong word for some but we will have to accept it. Accept that it can happen to anyone, because of a reason or without a reason, either way! It is not your destination because there is a way out. Here are few tips you can follow when you are feeling extremely upset or sad and alone!


1. Let’s talk about LIFE.


Okay, so first things first. If there is life there is everything. If life isn’t there the relationships and all the work which are valuable for us will no longer be important! So everyone needs to understand that life is a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. Sometimes things are intense and sometimes they are dull. That’s the thrill of life. At EVERY step life will demand a new version of ourselves and we should be ready to be that. It’s okay to let yourself breathe and take a backseat, sometimes, so that we can see things better. But then get back up, dust yourself off and get ready to take on to the world all over again!


2. Work on yourself.


Now, this point doesn’t mean that you should find a job for yourself or be career-ridden, NO! Open your drawer, collect all the addictions you have, maybe cigarettes? Throw them away! Look in the mirror, Go to the bathroom, take a nice shower, get a haircut or just do anything that can make you feel brand new! Change your looks! And that’ll be the first step towards change. Never ever try to be someone else because you never know what their life is all about plus you can end up losing yourself in the process. You are UNIQUE!


3. Make a vision board.


Yes, Just shop for a cardboard space and few creative decoration, maybe a world map? Search for the pictures of your favorite destinations and dreams online. Make a collage and paste them on your vision board, personalize it! Give it a space in your room! Now, that’ll be your motivation to keep moving. To achieve something big we have to gather a lot of courage to fail and that’s how we grow.


4. Exercise.


Wake up early! Yes! Even before the sun rises and be consistent. Go for a walk, breathe in fresh air. Walk barefoot on the wet grass. Feel the air. See the sun rise. Early morning is the best time to see the world in all its beauty.


Life is beautiful. Give it a chance! Give yourself a chance. Let your story unfold!:)


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