They Were Taken Away At The Young Age Of 10 To Brothels And We Talk about ‘Beti Bachao’

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Banaras, an ancient city. A city where we say mankind originated, India’s Cultural and religious capital, is the place where humanity is being sold. Girls as young as few months are sold and trained to be a part of brothels. It is a place where infants are being abducted, gang – raped and injected with hormonal injections to become commercial sex workers.

Things get so bad that when a girl shows all her courage to escape the brothel, goes to police station to save her, the same policemen take her back to the brothel and ask brothel owners to see the girl does not run away again. In such darkness, Gudia, an organisation that has been wrangling for 14 years to rescue trafficked girls from the hands of the ruthless sex traffickers, is a ray of hope.

A short film telling the stories of rescued sex workers by Blush will make you cringe at the hypocrisy of the society.


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