Things Every Girl Over Thinks About: Reality Unlocked!

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Girls have a natural tendency to evaluate things on a much higher level than any other living form. They tend to think subjectively most of the time. And this is absolutely not bad at all, this ability makes a woman a good decision maker because let’s address it, gut feelings are hardly wrong. Every woman knows how to use their gut in the best possible way. Saying that sometimes this kind of evaluation becomes really hard to them and then this creates a room for overthinking. This post will give you a clear idea of the things you bother too much about and you should not.




She overthinks when she is misunderstood and when even the closest people interpret her situation in a wrong manner.


She overthinks when people try to victimize and try to sympathize her for no real reason. This makes her feel vulnerable, weak and needy.


She overthinks when a guy keeps her waiting for no real reason. A real woman always has a hatred for these dirty games.


She overthinks when she has to prove each and every point that she makes. This frustrates the shi* out of her.


She overthinks when she is not looking her best. This makes her feel really uncomfortable.


She overthinks when she has to put up a competition to woo her crush. This makes her feel neglected and not so important.


All these above-mentioned points are a mere exaggeration of what actually happens. If people are actually bothering you on such a level then it’s their problem, not yours. Keep it simple and don’t compromise on your mental health ever, for anyone.


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