4 Smartphone-free spring activities to try today

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It’s spring. Did you notice? I remember a blissful time prior to our obsession with smartphones when we would take life outside because the weather was warmer and inviting.

We cannot live without our smartphones and recent surveys on smartphone use abuse are shocking.  33% of Americans use their smartphones during a dinner date. 9% during sex.

Do we really need so much technology in our lives? Are our lives better, smarter or cooler now that our bodies have a sleek, 4G prosthetic, namely, our smartphones?

No. Because life doesn’t happen online, life happens outside,

Yes you can shop, talk and pay with your smartphone these days. But there are activities that are better done the traditional way!

Why not enjoy a smartphone-free spring this year?

–          Run, music free

Even if you’re using your smartphone just for a running playlist, it will eventually distract you. Go for a truly solitary run. Just you and nature!

–          Create your own viral dog video

Be honest, how many puppy videos have you watched this week?

Go create experience with your own pets. It doesn’t matter if your little adventure goes viral or not (you won’t be capturing it anyway). What matters is that you will bond and be genuinely happy!

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–          Send a handwritten note

Remember when the only way to communicate in class was by passing tiny pieces of paper to and forth? Those were the times!

Pay tribute to pen and paper and handwrite a lovely note to your mum, best friend or even yourself!

–          Need a break?

Don’t decompress with the usual; Facebook, Twitter, your favorite funny sites. Go for a brisk walk, meditate for five minutes.

No matter what do this spring, make a conscious effort to engage in more smartphone-free experiences. Life’s better when you look at it through your own eyes, rather than your smartphone’s camera!



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