8 Types Of Crushes We’ve All Had!

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Crushes do crazy things to your heart and stomach (I mean- Butterflies). They can make you drool with just a smirk. These are the 8 types of crushes every girl had at some point in her life.

1. The Stranger

You know nothing about him, but you see this guy everywhere- at the gym, in the coffee shop, and in your building. So you have a crush on this guy, and this is just because of the way he looks. Therefore this is the most superficial and shallow crush.

2. Vacation Crush

When you go on a vacation with your friends or family, and you see a hot guy at the beach; And you are like- “This is what I was waiting for all my life. We crossed paths because god wants us to be together. Our kids are gonna be so cute.”
But then reality hits you, and the crush lasts for just a week because you never see him again after the vacations!

3. Celebrity Crush

Some celebrities are so good looking, and they play those perfect boy ‘fictional’ roles that just make you drool over them. Every girl have had at least one huge celebrity crush in her life.

4. Rebound Crush

This is like a forced crush; You decide you like him, because you just want to fill that empty space in your heart after your breakup.

5. Instagram Crush

You are just ‘exploring’ Instagram, and DAMN! You stop. Because you see this guy who is fine as F! You instantly follow and stalk him; And the next thing you know is that you have double-tapped on almost every picture of this guy, and you already have a crush on him!

6. Girl Crush

Girl crushes are not the crushes you want to date or be with, they are usually about wishing that you were like them or had their life. These girl crushes can be celebrities, or just some hot girl in your college.

7. Weird Crush

These type of crushes are not handsome, or nice, or anything that you like in a guy; but you still have a crush on them. You cannot even admit it to your friends; because it would be embarrassing for you, and you don’t have the answer to the “why the hell do you fancy this person” question.

8. The Off-limit Crush

This can be your best friend’s boyfriend, or your brother’s best friend, or your teacher; And this is just unacceptable. So STOP!


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