A Woman on Her Periods Ran The London Marathon Without a Tampon Bleeding Freely to Stop Menstrual Shaming!

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Kiran Gandhi, 26, a woman of Indian origin, ran a London Marathon in April without a tampon or a sanitary pad. The drummer, who toured with M.I.A and is also a recent business school graduate wanted to fight periods stigmatization by shirking tampons while on the run.

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She claims. she did it for her poor sisters who don’t have access to sexual hygiene products and are forced to stay mum on these wellness issues. Her blog addresses issues of lack of accessibility to tampon or pads for some women around the world, the price of these sanitary products and all the stupid hoopla around menstruation.

“As I ran, I thought to myself about how women and men have both been effectively socialized to pretend periods don’t exist. By establishing a norm of period-shaming, [male-preferring] societies effectively prevent the ability to bond over an experience that 50 per cent of us in the human population share monthly,” she wrote. “Everyone was running for their own personal mission. And all of a sudden it felt entirely appropriate that I got my period on marathon day.

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