Burst these Myths For A Better Life. You need to know these!

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Know these interesting facts and correct yourself if you were going any wrong!


1. Myth: 

We only use 10 percent of our brains

Myth buster: Most of the capacity of the brain is consumed even when we sleep.


2. Myth:

Brain cells stop growing when you reach adulthood.

Myth buster: Neurons keep changing and improving throughout our entire life.


3. Myth:

Split ends can be cured by using commercial or expensive products.

Myth buster: You can only get rid of your split ends by cutting them.


4. Myth:

You only catch a cold when it’s cold outside.

Myth buster: Cold is caused by viruses, not air temperature




5. Myth:

Our Hearts skips a beat when we sneeze.

Myth Buster: No, our heart’s rhythm changes.


6. Myth:

Carrots improve eyesight.

Myth buster: Carrots helps prevent muscle degeneration but they don’t improve our eyesight.


7. Myth:

Healthy teeth should be perfectly white.

Myth buster: A tooth’s natural color is slightly yellowish.


8. Myth:

Police can trace a call within a minute.

Myth Buster:

It takes an hour to trace a phone call




9. Myth:

Bulls react aggressively to the color red.

Myth Buster: They want to attack because of the movements in front of them.


10. Myth:

Chameleon changes their colors to blend in with their environment.

Myth Buster: They change color to reflect their moods,


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