Don’t Let Envy Take Over Your Life

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We have fallen prey to the delusion that everyone’s life is happier than ours, more productive and even more valuable. We fall ill with the virus of illusion, infecting the mind with delusion. We think everything else is better. This is envy. Get rid of it as soon as you can
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Selective Ignoring

A research by Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence titled Coping with Envy and Jealousy found that in life situations people can use coping strategies like self-reliance, self-bolstering, and selective ignoring to deal with jealousy and envy. According to the report, the frequency of encountering jealousy-provoking situations has increased, which has upped the stress that people are experiencing. Feelings of envy can happen in domains of work, family, friendship and romance. The magnitude of jealousy can vary and impact your emotional health. With envy experiences on the rise, everyone should have coping mechanisms, as you shouldn’t let envy eat into your peacefulness.
Tip: You have to selectively ignore the feelings of envy for your inner happiness.

Transform Envy

We live in a highly exhibitionist society. Social media is part of our lives and we are on show to the world. When we see friends travelling to exotic locations, partying with family- envy rears its ugly head. Don’t be a comparison junkie. Judith Orloff in her book ” Emotional Freedom ” believes in not comparing yourself to others. Try not to feed into feeling “less than”.
Tip: Deal jealousy by mindfully using humility and avoiding comparisons, even if the person irritates you.

Switch Off

Self-reliant people don’t jealousy overwhelm their lives. According to Parul Sehgal in her TEDtalk, “Jealousy is exhausting. It’s hungry emotion”. Want a break from envy? Give your social networks a rest. Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram posts tap into the power that makes you jealous.
Tip: Abstain from unnecessary social media junks.
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