Unhappening Issues With Snapchat That We All Hate!

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Hi gals! Hope you’re doing fine. You all might be using everyone’s favorite app SNAPCHAT. It’s one of the most popular app among today’s youth, but there are things that I really hate about the app. You too, right? Are these the troubles you’re facing? Well, atleast I am!

1. You’re forced to see stories of the people you rather ignore

Because you no longer have a choice to pause after seeing one’s story. You keep on going and going and you finally end up seeing your ex boyfriend’s long gone best friend’s cousin sister’s story which is hell lot of annoying.

snap snap snap

2. You might be a victim of trolling effects

Someone just made you a pirate an uploaded that bloody picture on social media. You’re almost in tears because you know now no girl will ever look you with good intentions now. This is bad luck.

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snap snap snap

3. It lasts only 10 secs

You add up a hot guy, he uplaods a sexy pic and you just started checking him out and the story vanishes. Gal, 10 seconds over! Shut your yes and check the next guy out! This is really wrong.

snap snap snap

4. If you take a screenshot the other person gets a notification

So, you decide to take a screenshot really fast so you can check that hot guy anytime you want and you do what you thought of and end up getting caught. The chat displays Screenshot taken! You’re screwed naughty gal!

snap snap snap

5.Chat problem

The chat never gets saved. You just got the number of this really hot guy and you shut Snapchat and when you come back, his number is no more there! Blunder again. Hard luck this time.

snap snap snap

I know you can relate to this because one day or another this has definitely happened to you. Sorry gals, I know this is saddening for you. I wish someone could help us!


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