Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

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Most sea foods are rich in vitamin D. Included are fishes (when cooked) like eel, tuna, sardines, mackerel, salmon, and catfish. All of the aforementioned belong to the fatty fish species.

Cooked egg and beef liver are also good sources of vitamin D.

Foods that are rich in cholesterol are rich in vitamin D as well. The only veggies that are known to provide vitamin D are yeast and mushrooms, provided that they are exposed to the sunlight first.

Vitamin D cannot be found in any fruit. There are processed orange juice powders though that adds vitamin D to their formula.

Unlike other vitamins, Vitamin D needs to be transformed from the food we eat to be functional in our body. Sunlight has a major role in the production of vitamin D. People normally get vitamin D through sun exposure. At least daily 15-minute sun exposure can give us our daily required dose of the sunshine vitamin. The catch here though is fair complexioned people are most likely to absorb vitamin D quickly, darker-skinned individuals need more sun exposure than 15 minutes daily to catch vitamin D from the sun.

While sunshine is needed for vitamin D to be produced in our skin, darker-skinned people have less ability to get enough vitamin D thru sunlight. In this case, there are supplements available in stores to ensure that people would hit the daily recommended dietary supplement of vitamin D.

vitamin D can be acquired from sun exposure

vitamin D can be acquired from sun exposure

Too much and untimely exposure to sunlight though may cause cancer and other skin diseases, premature skin aging, and cell damage especially to lighter-skinned people. In this case, use of sunscreen is not actually recommended because the thinnest application of an SPF can block up to 95% of essential UV rays from our skin. Instead, at least avoid being under the summer sun between 10AM and 2PM. Wearing wide hats, pants and long-sleeve shirts are better options instead of wearing sunscreen if you can’t avoid being under the sun.

Because of our busy world today, vitamin D was already made available in tablets, capsules, pills and other forms of supplements. Not only those, many products have already included vitamin D in their formula (i.e. orange juice).


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