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What are the latest health tips? Do you really need a low-fat diest and what does yoghurt have to do with Type 2 diabetes?

Eat yoghurt to reduce diabetes risk

Yoghurt and other fermented diary products like low-fat cheese can help reduce your risk of type 2 Diabetes by 28%, compared to not eating yoghurt at all.

The great news about this study published in the journal of Diabetologia, is that while the majority of studies focus on which foods are bad or increase diabetes risk our diabetes risk, this one shows what foods we should include in our diet in order to lower diabetes risk.

WHAT TO DO: Ditch those afternoon cookies and grab a sugar-free Greek yoghurt . Sprinkle over it a handful of strawberries for a more satisfactory, health-boosting snack!

Whole Diet proves better at reducing cardiovascular risk (than fat-controlled diets)

Forget low-fat diets, go Mediterranean style! A new study published in the Journal of Medicine found that a low-fat diet is not as effective as a whole diet is in reducing people’s CVD risk.

Low-fat diet might help keep your cholesterol levels under control but they are not proven to be beneficial for your health in any other way. The “whole diet approach” on the other hand, a diet that consists of fruit, vegetables, nuts and fish, is more effective in keeping your heart healthy and disease-free.

WHAT TO DO: Don’t restrict your fat intake dramatically. Opt for a varied diet that includes a lot of fruit, vegetables and nuts, and restrict your meat intake to 1 to 2 times a week.

Gum-chewing and headaches

If you’re getting pesky headaches, your gum chewing habits might be to blame. Migraine headaches in teens could be the result of gum chewing a new study reveals.

If you suffer from chronic headaches you might find that quitting excessive gum chewing might lessen the frequency of your headaches.

WHAT TO DO: If it’s hard to kick the habit, try distracting yourself with a stress ball or 5-minute meditation!



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