4 Things Guys Secretly Want Their Girlfriends to Do!

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Relationships are getting built and broken in this era of social media, where everything thing is done within a passage of mere links. It’s so fast and swift that even a pair of eyes will fall short! No matter if social media interactions have replaced real bonding, we still need human contact! We talk a lot about what girls want out of their relationships but as much as girls have relationship goals guys have them too! They secretly want their girlfriends to do few things that can make their day!


1. Order food for them.


Yes, you heard it right. Guys love when they have food at their doorstep even before they wake up. If he loves pizza, order it at the right time when you know he’s about to wake up and would need something favorite to eat. This is just not a formality, it will show him that you care the most.


2. Know them inside out.


Just like girls, guys need security in a relationship as well. They love when their girlfriends talk about life, they love deep conversations and true bonding. So next time before you are off to bed don’t forget to leave him a voice mail or just call him. It will make his day, surely!


3. Entwine hands.


Yeah, that’s a very cute and romantic gesture that guys secretly love! Just criss-cross hands and let the connection build and feelings pass over! This is a very easy way of bonding and building trust. So next time you are on a walk with him, slow down and hold his hand and let him know how much you love him!


4. Respect his family.

This is the most important thing a girl can do to make a guy’s life beautiful! I cannot stress this enough but guys have this thing for their families as much as girls do. Respect is the most important building factor for a relationship to grow.


Girls, So go cheer him up and show him that you care:)


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