5 Things Your Girlfriend Never Wants To Tell You

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There are things girls don’t like to admit but they’ll always show you in one way or another. Here’s a short list for all you guys, help yourself now!

1. She checks out other boys

Oh yes! There are so many hot guys out there and she’s not planning to cheat on you but she also wants a little masala in her life because boys that’s important to girls too!!

2. She is totally jealous of your girl best friend

Whatever she might say, she’s always not happy with you talking to your girl best friend. Yes, there can be a time where she doesn’t have any problem at all but she’s a girl and you never know when she might change her mind.

3. She loves to smell you

Those long hugs that go on forever are not just cause she wants to feel cozy but also because she loves your manly shower gel fragrance and she cannot keep her hands off you. She wants to touch you and be close all the time.

4. She wants you to gift her a perfect outfit for one perfect date

Girls like gifts, there’s nothing new in it but when it comes from you, that’ll make her feel wanted. She’ll be more than happy with a non-branded outfit also but it should come from you, your choice will definitely bring a smile to her face whenever she’ll wear it.

5. She doesn’t wants to sound stupid in front of you

Yes, she acts silly sometimes and yes, that’s on purpose sometimes too, but sometimes she’s afraid she doesn’t say something so silly that’ll make you call her dumb. That’s one sarcastic comment no girl can take.

Guys, now that you know all your girlfriend’s secrets, you can do the best possible to impress her. So go out and spread the joy!


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