7 Things Women Want You To Do In Bed

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Women can be quite shy to tell you about the things she wants you to do for/to her. Therefore, we tell you what she actually wants in bed.

1. Go Down On Her

Okay, so the first and one of the most important things is this. You like it when she goes down on you right? So return the favor boy. Do the same to her.

2. Kiss Her During The Act

Kiss her neck, or lips, or back, or well…anywhere possible. She badly wants you to do that.

3. Talk

Talk to her during the act. If you aren’t in the mood to talk about lovey-dovey stuff, then talk dirty. But talk!

4. Tell Each Other About Your Fantasies

Yes! Girls have fantasies too, but they are too shy to speak about it most of the time. She might like kinky stuff, or maybe to do it in a public place. Just talk to her about it, and tell her about yours.

5. Try New Things

Your sex life might be pretty good, but that doesn’t mean you do not need to try new things. New and different things are exciting, and who doesn’t want to spice things up eh?!

6. Be Rough

A lot of women want their man to be a little rough and very passionate in bed. A woman wants a man, to want her so bad, that he picks and throws her down somewhere, rips off her clothes and have his way with her.

7. Cuddle

Cuddles are amazing, so don’t just lie there after the act. Cuddle more.


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