Telling Lies is Not Always Bad When in A Relationship

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Always tell the truth- is good enough for moral stories and creating ideals. But to maintain it in each and every condition is not so easy. So, for this reason, a person can enjoy the liberty of telling lies at times when necessary. Especially if telling lie strengthens a relation, then what’s the harm?

1. Every relation has their own shares of fights, fallouts, quarrels, disagreements. We need to keep in mind that fights only increase the distance rather than settling the matter, after a particular point. To keep things under control, just for the time being accept that your partner is correct even though he/she is wrong. You surrender and tell a lie. But just think, that this one small act of lying on your part saved the day. When things cool down, talk it out and settle the matter. Come to a solution and you will see that the lie doesn’t matter at all.
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2. Does this outfit make me look bulky? – often and on you may have been attacked by this question thrown towards you by your partner. Don’t ever forget to say “NO, Baby you look stunning”. Never ever say YES to this question. Cause even though it might be true that your wife or girlfriend is bulky, she actually wants to hear the opposite from you. So don’t waste your day by ruining her mood. If this small lie can win her over, then isn’t a problem, is it?
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3. ” I Love You” — a frequent thing told by you to your partner. Most of the time it is out of mere habit that you do it, and may not mean it at the time. But scientists say, that this kind of words have a positive effect and strengthens the relation. You obviously want this, isn’t it? Confessing and showing your love isn’t wrong and doesn’t have any lies, right?
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4. It may happen that you are not in your mind and your mood is a raging storm inside. It isn’t necessary to tell the actual reason behind it everytime your partner asks for it. Cause the truth may make them anxious and worried even more. Take the help of lie and say that it’s nothing, a petty issue that has upset you, nothing else, everything will be fine. If you know that the complications may die down soon, then why unnecessarily ruin your partner’s mood?
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5. Women love shopping. Most of them. If you spend an extra amount while shopping, keep it hushed. You may have some money crunch for a month. So when the next moth’s salary comes in, it will get managed. If your partner asks you about the abnormal expense, think and keep a good excuse ready at hand. Telling a lie may avoid the unnecessary fight.
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