This is What Real Friends are For!

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It was friendship day on 7th August. Many friends would have uploaded pictures online, went for a celebration, exchanged gifts and what not, but real friends don’t need to do any such thing. Real friends are the ones who support you, love you, never judge you, stand beside you when no one else wants to. Real friends don’t need to see you on friendship day or tell the world that they miss you, all they need to do is wish you and be there whenever you call out their name because this is what friends are for!

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I know a lot of people and a lot of them are very dear and near to me but I didn’t meet them or gifted them anything or put status and pictures with them. I believe in love from the heart and not on social media, that’s just not the right platform to show your love for someone. However, sometimes you lose friends and in that situation you get to know who are the real ones and who are the fake ones. You know which one to give your importance and respect for sticking with you through thick and thin.


Choosing a friend is definitely not easy, we actually shouldn’t choose them instead they should choose us. We know what are we capable of and we also get to know what our friends can do for us. I have a bunch of irreplaceable friends, they have a perfect place in my life that no other can have. With my girlfriends, I talk about everything happening every day whereas with guy friends I try to be as funny as possible.

best friends

The importance of friends in our life is very high. You should be able to choose the perfect squad with every individual keeping a special place in your heart. You should not be able to think otherwise ever about your squad, that kinda friends are keepers!


Always remember your friends are your family, never hurt them, never judge them, never make them feel less than you because that is what your friendship is based on. Your friendship is your bond and you are smart enough to keep it forever and always!


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