Wanna Propose Your Boyfriend? Do It This Way!

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Gone are the days when the women waited for their men to propose them. Just like all other fields, women in this field are also ahead of men and do the needful themselves. If he is the one then why wait and let the opportunity go! Right?

So here are a few ways in which you can propose your man, Choose the one that makes you go aww and would make him fall in love with you all over again!

1. If your boyfriend reads, then you can add a note saying ‘Look Up’ after a page or two from the bookmarked page and when he looks up, you be there on your knees and ask him to be your man. I bet, he wouldn’t have seen it coming and would love it. You can also attach the ring to the bookmark so when he opens the book, he would be surprised and you would be on the knees asking him

2. Get a mug with the question ‘marry me’ painted or engraved on the inside and give him his daily coffee in the morning, after having woken up with the coffee, he will be in for a big surprise!

3. If you have a good repo with his office colleagues, then make a plan and make cardboards with each one spelling out one word of the question, give one cardboard to one person and during lunch break when he is having his lunch, you all can pop the question with ‘will’ ‘you’ ‘marry’ and in place of ‘me’ just enter the room or cafeteria. trust me, he would love it!

4. Plan a treasure hunt for him, Leave clues all over the place and let him hunt the ring (treasure). So when he finally finds it and comes to you, you have decorated the whole room with roses and candles and you are standing there with one rose in hand asking him for a lifetime of togetherness! Oh, it would be so romantic!

5. Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Yep, that’s right! So Make his favorite dish, plan a romantic candlelight dinner and in the end, write your question on the cake. Or drop the ring in the drinks or hide it in the cake, but then make sure you place it in a way that he finds it! Classic but too good!

6. Make a video of you telling him all the things you like about him and about your relationship and in the end, ask the question. It is sweet, simple and he will love it!

Advice: Make sure that when you are proposing, you have made arrangements for getting the moments captured on camera, maybe a video camera at proper angle or even someone taking photographs secretly would be amazing!


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