An App That Brings You Closer to Your Country of Interest!

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What is Connexun?
Connexun is a geo-location mobile app that features commonalities between the users country of
ORIGIN and country of INTEREST. This free community network provides its users with current news, points of interest and people around them that share the country of ORIGIN and geo-location or country of #INTEREST. The services of Connexun are aimed at migrants, international travelers and the culturally inclined.

Connexun S.r.l. is an Indo-Italian venture and is registered as “start-up innovative” with the
Italian Ministry of Economic Development

Let’s take an example to understand it better:

Let’s take the case of Vineet who is of Indian origin, registered with Connexun and lives in India. His country of Interest is Italy. So when he explores the “Connexun” app, apart from common news and people around, he gets points around him which are Italian, for example, restaurants institutions, embassy etc. So if he wants to have Italian food he can look up Dominos Pizza, café diva etc according to his geo-location.

Now consider an Italian origin person, Fabio traveling to India. Fabio being a user of Connexun App will receive news in common to his source country, Italy and his destination country, India. He will further be provided with Italian points of interest in India including Italian restaurants and Pizza joints according to his geo-location.

Connexun is currently based out of two offices – Milan, Italy and Faridabad, India. It is already operational across 21 countries supporting 11 languages. By 2015 end, Connexun expanded its reach to a total of 80 countries and support 30 different languages.

What is the value proposition?

They aim to bring each category’s users relevant, tailored information based on their origin and their geo-location. They are international and are working to bridge gaps for there are language and distance barriers. Their focus is aggregated content specially customized for the user based on origin and geo-location leveraging on technology that brings the user closer to his/her country of interest.

What are their objectives?
Reduce information barriers
Create a sense of community (connect with people with similar interest)
Promote internationalization by creating cultural awareness
Ease cultural integration for its users
Create a sense of ownership (reduces language barrier)
Constantly updating expats employees with relevant information


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