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Listen to your favorite authors uninterruptedly

Audiobooks are never a bad idea; they are cheaper than e-books and hardcovers, they can be used simultaneously with other tasks and can provide the gift of literacy to those incapable of enjoying it in conventional ways. Does it get any better than that? Apparently so!

For audiobook enthusiasts having an unlimited audiobook service has been to this date impossible. But not anymore. are a definite game-changer; providing its clients with a matchless service of unlimited audiobook downloading and streaming.

No hidden charges with a small monthly fee of just $24.95, gives you unlimited access to a large stock of audiobooks, that’s constantly updated and enriched with the latest best sellers and your favorite authors.

No credits, or per-download fees apply. You can download as many audiobooks as you please, to listen to, to your heart’s content. There’s no such thing as a weekly or monthly download limit. no need to wait for your credits to top-up, or for your limit to be updated.

Listening made easy

Audiobooks by are smart and flexible. You can start listening to your audiobook on your smartphone this morning, switch to your iPod during your afternoon gym class and resume late at night from your iPad, while in bed!

Its technology allows you to pick up right were you left, syncing all your devices and making book listening easy, fun, and accessible!

7-day free trial

Being an irrefutable game changer in the audiobook industry, offers a 7 day free trial for you to get a foretaste of the advantages Audiobooks so generously currently has on offer!

Things can’t get any better than this!

Get to listen to the latest best sellers with unlimited streaming from wherever you are.  With audiobooks, any popular title is accessible for your own pleasure.Why make do with cumbersome, hardcover books when you can simply sit back and enjoy a heartfelt narration. Let the books carry you away!

Unlimited Audio Books. Instantly. Anywhere. Start listening today with your 7 day FREE TRIAL!


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