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Communication, it’s a need people would try to meet no matter their tools and mediums. 5000 years ago people would use pictograms. A hundred years ago all they had was letters (and a whole lot of patience), because, learning the news of a loved one would take months.

These days, a so freakishly slow communication seems at least unsatisfactory, ineffective and lacking. Just only imagine the distress, anxiety, impatience and stress people felts waiting for that letter to arrive.

Technology is what brought us out of our misery, our homesickness and helped as sustain our living-apart-together relationships. Of course Morse code, telephones, fax machines, seemed fantastic at the moment, but we didn’t know any better.

Today that we got social media, tablets and smart phones, communicating is all we seem to be doing. Communicating at the workplace, at leisure, with people in other countries, even with people floating somewhere in space (hello there International Space Station residents!)

Whilst others might construe our info-lust as greed, others argue that its this very insistence on communication evolution that keeps giving us such great communication opportunities.

Who would’ve imagined that it would be possible for you, currently on your office, to video chat with other 12 people near, or far from you? Well, ooVoo did.

Dad can always be there now

When other communication clients charge you for video calling, or have a limited participants ability, ooVoo gives its users the luxury of video chatting with a dozen friends, simultaneously and free. Family reunions, class get-togethers, office unofficial (and official) meetings, being virtually present in ceremonies and other events are now possible. Well thank you ooVoo!

Wondering what the full set of features looks like?

  • Video Chatting with up to 12 people- Possibilities opened unlimited!
  • Variety of communication channels, video chat, IM, via social media, phone calls
  • HD and High Resolution video chatting- Makes the whole experience more real
  • You can even call landlines and mobiles – Grandpa can join too now!
  • Offers a range of services: Screen sharing, video recording, video messages and file sharing

OoVoo comes to revolutionize the idea of virtual communication. More importantly, it sets the bar high for how the communication game should be played. By unconditionally offering its users an indispensable commodity, that of contact, OoVoo is now in the lead.

Take advantage of its hard-to-beat features and be part of a million-members community that enjoys privileged communication with Free Audio and Video Calling only with OoVoo!


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