7 Must Read Romantic Novels – By Indian Authors

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We all enjoy reading romantic novels by foreign writers, and often underestimate Indian authors; and this is because we forget that Indians are born romantics. Whether it’s the larger-than-life movies of Shahrukh Khan or the majestic Taj Mahal, Indians are full of love and romance. So stop underestimating romantic Indian novels, and go read them!
Find out which ones made it to our best reads.

1. I Too Had A Love Story

Author Ravinder Singh tells us the tale of his love story where he loved and lost, but found something else in exchange. Based on a real-life story, the book is the author’s debut novel that bares his love life for all to see.
This heart-touching novel has love, humour and tragedy. It’s one of the best romantic novels of this generation, and I bet you cannot read this book without crying.
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2. If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love

The story of If Its Not Forever is an interesting road journey involving two friends and their girlfriends. They search for the lady love of an unknown victim in the 2011 Delhi High Court blasts. The story revolves around the trauma of the blasts and the eagerness to get over this trauma by finding an unknown person through a clue found at the blast site. The story is thrilling and well-paced, keeping the reader engrossed in order to find out what happens next. Written by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh, this novel is a definitely a must read!!
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3. 2 States

2 States, written by Chetan Bhagat, is based on his own real life story. It is a story of two culturally different lovers – Ananya and Krish, who wish to convince their respective families to let them get married. The 2014 movie 2 States is based on this novel.
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4. Devdas

Saratchandra Chattopadhyay tells the tragic story of Devdas and his doomed love in this classic novel. It was written originally in Bengali in 1917, and was later translated in English in 2002. It’s popularity resulted in four movies adaptations and numerous literary research works.
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5. Accidentally In Love

Written by Nikita Singh, Accidentally in Love is a modern love story which is set in the fashion industry of India, and deals with open relationships. The author uses her bold style to write on a topic which is considered taboo by most Indian authors. The story is sensuous and exciting, fit for the modern society in which it is set.
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6. I Loved A Street Woman

I Loved A Street Woman is written by Indian author Nitin Vinay Khare. It is the story of Captain Aviral, a young war veteran who is reconciling his life, estranged from his childhood love and recovering from war injuries. It is a must read for everyone who has loved and lost love.
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7. Truly Madly Deeply

Truly Madly Deeply, written by Faraaz Kazi, became the first book by an Indian author to win the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Debut (Romance). It remains the only Indian book in the Top 100 YA Global Fiction list. The novel revolves around the teenage love story of the most popular boy and girl in school. This is a heart-warming and emotion filled tale that will captivate readers’ heart and fascinate their mind and would leave them pondering-DOES LOVE TRULY CONQUER ALL ODDS?
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