#MyExperience: How My Life Changed Positively after this Visit!

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Recently, I came across a book titled “Treasure Trove of Zodiacs”. Intrigued by it, I decided to
contact its author, astrologer Tanuj Lalchandani. After taking an appointment, I was actually
looking forward to the consultation. Though I was skeptical about astrology, like most of us, yet
I couldn’t stop feeling excited.

So, I reached his office at the appointed time. I was extremely impressed by his office and it
definitely didn’t look anything like a regular astrologer’s office. He was extremely courteous and
hospitable. After I was at ease and settled, the consultation began. He only needed few details
like my date, time and place of birth. It was hard to imagine that just by using these simple
details, he was able to tell so much about the events which had taken place in my life. He began
by verifying events which had taken place over the years. I was impressed by how accurate he
was. This surely reinstated my belief. If he could correctly tell about the things which had
happened, his predictions about the future should also turn out to be true.

He proceeded to tell me about various aspects of my life ranging from career and money to
love and relationships. My biggest problems were marriage and career. My parents were really
worried about finding a suitable groom. I had a broken engagement and had suffered
emotionally due to it. Surprisingly, he was able to tell about my broken engagement and its
timing. I had been worried about marriage and had various fears. He told me to wait for some
time. Marriage was definitely on the cards but right now was not the best time. I needed to
wait for few months. He did suggest few simple remedies which would help me in overcoming
the obstacles which were impeding my marriage.

He suggested that I should focus on my career in the meantime. He said that my job prospects
looked bright. Surprisingly, one of his predictions has come true for me. He had predicted about
a job opportunity which would come up soon and it has turned into a reality during the time
period he mentioned. I can surely say that it was the best half hour that I had spent. This man is
genuinely recommended!
You can contact him at [email protected] Do checkout their amazing website.


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