The Post-Exam ‘To-Do List’

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So you have spent weeks and weeks (or maybe pulled off just a few all-nighters) for your exams and now you feel quite useless. The sudden staleness after the panic and frenzy of exams is traumatic. On the other hand some of us might question the existence itself of such a concept!

Technically, you have just lost your structure, your study routine and it is normal to feel out of place after exams (I know I do). There is no more revision and there are no more days where you are spending your whole time trying to imprint course materials into your brain. You suddenly have all of this free time, for a few days, the freedom of doing nothing feels great but after a while if you are used to living a busy lifestyle, you in turn feel out of place. The remedy is you just need to find a new structure.

What Comes Next?

But sit back before jumping onto the Next! Here are a few pointers:

  • Don’t sulk alone. Instead take out your dog for a walk and tell him how life has lost its meaning for you. If you don’t have pets, a friend can be a fine substitute!
  •  Don’t go back rushing to Work. And by work, I mean Work! Joining a hiking club or enrolling for a painting class will do just fine.
  • No matter how bad your answer sheets were, they came and they are gone now. Forget the past. And please don’t keep gnawing your nails till the result day!
  • Free time is just an illusion anyway! Be positive that you will be once again sucked into the never-ending cycle of ‘list of To-Do stuff’.

The worst thing about exams is that they ask only a few questions when you have studied so much more. And I suppose the remaining debris most definitely causes that squirm and queasiness inside after exams! So all we need is to cleanse ourselves before embarking on something engaging.



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