Want To Be Successful? Become a List-Maker

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For some insatiable reading is the key to success. For others meditation. Today we declare, list making to be the key for getting ahead with your life.

List-making not only improves your focus and productivity but it has a lot of other benefits. We present you the top 5.


We are humans and having too much on your plate will inevitably make you  forget dinners plans or a meeting you were supposed to have at 8am Benjing time.

A list will keep you on track, remind you everything you need to take care of and keep you motivated so you can finish a task before a new one comes along.

Be Punctual –  Avoid Forgetfulness

If there’s one thing lists achieve is help  you save face. Relying on your memory to remember every minute detail in your schedule isn’t exactly a foolproof plan. Is it?

Budgeting is always a good idea. Start today!

A list helps you be on time at every possible meeting, event, party and other social of personal commitment, like picking kids from their piano lesson or remembering to drive Grandma to her doctor.  Besides, it’s much easier consulting your notebook or to-do app rather than scratching your head trying to remember what you were supposed to do now.

Save time

Having a daily list of to-dos boosts your productivity. A list structures your day in meaningful time blocks and it encourages you to spend each time block as efficiently as possible.

The result is twofold, you become your most productive  yet self and save time otherwise spent procrastinating,  browsing memes,or my personal favorite − looking out of the window.

Get into the habit of  creating to-do list every morning or the night before. It will provide structure in your life, help you save  time and impress your boss with your productivity and workload management skills. A win-win situation!



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