10 Types Of Bra Every Woman Must Own

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Don’t you just hate when you don’t have the right piece of lingerie just when you need it? This has happened to all of us. Therefore, we have made a list of 10 types of bra which every woman must own. If you have these, you should be covered for any situation.

1. T-Shirt bra

A t-shirt bra is a bra that is designed to be worn under thin shirts to provide a smooth, invisible look. These bras are simple in style and usually seamless in nature.
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2. Sports Bra

A sports bra provides strong support to a woman’s breasts during physical activity, like running, exercising, etc. It minimizes breast movement, hence reducing possible stretching to fibrous tissue in the chest. If you workout, then this is a must have bra for you.

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3. Backless bra

The backless bra is a must-have if you wish to wear backless dresses/cholis. There are several styles of backless bras. Some versions may have transparent backs, some may provide one cup piece for each breast that connect at the center with a front closure bra hook, whereas some adheres to the underside of the breasts using a medical grade adhesive.
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4. Push up bra

Somewhere in every girl’s closet, there should be a push-up bra tucked away ready to be used as their secret weapon at any given moment. This bra is perfect for adding that extra oomph a girl needs to spice up an outfit.
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5. Strapless bra

This bra come in handy when you have to wear strapless dresses, teeny tank tops, evening gowns, or outfits where a normal bra would show.1_medium (4)

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6. Demi cup bra

This outlined, underwire bra has cups partially cut away to expose the top of the breast. They look sexy and can be worn with low cut or square necklines, where your everyday bra will show.
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7. Minimizer bra

If you are blessed with well-endowed breasts and you want to restrain from flaunting them on certain ocassions, then a minimizer bra would help in making your cup size look smaller than it actually is.
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8. Lace bra

Lacy is the new sexy. It adds a hint of sophistication and sexiness to your lingerie. Whether it is to make yourself feel sensuous or to look sexy to your man, make sure to have at least one lace bra among your collection.
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9. The Strappy Bra

Leave boring days behind as you step towards the edge of something more dramatic!This might be the most modern bra, and it is very sexy. Meet the bra that is not meant to be hidden. You can easily wear it with something that shows it off.
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10. Multi-way bra

This is one of the bras every woman must own because it’s magical. The straps of multi-way bra are removable, and there are little slips in the back, so you can insert the straps as far apart as necessary. If you are the type of girl that loves simplicity, I suggest getting this one bra that can do it all.
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