Designer Masaba Gupta’s Perfect Reply On Being Trolled As Bas***d

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Masaba Gupta is one of the most famous and emerging fashion designers of the industry and she is one heck of a woman with whom you do not want to mess. The 28-year-old designer has got both talent and guts!

On Monday, the designer retweeted a post in support of ban on firecracker and just like all the other issues in India, big or small, people just couldn’t be graceful and accept her opinion, they started trolling her openly calling her names!

Some wrote comments like, “@MasabaG please go back to your Father*&^% so that you can avoid Deepawali. And ya stop using F***ing AC to save environment.Thanks in advance”, assuming that her opinions don’t matter, simply because of her parentage. When will they learn?

Finally, on Thursday, the designer took it to shut all the trollers by a bada$$ message and you have to commend her on her courage and boldness to take things so well.

“Recently I retweeted in the support of the Firecracker ban by the Supreme Court and like every other issue in this country, big or small.. The trolling & bashing began by calling me names like ‘bas***d child’ or ‘illegitimate west Indian’ it only makes my chest swell with pride. I’m the illegitimate product of two of the MOST legitimate personalities you’ll find & I’ve made the best life, both personally and professionally… out of which I’m proud of,”


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Saying that she’s now immune to these words as she’s been reading them since she was 10, Masaba added, “My legitimacy comes from the work I do & what my contribution to society has been. And you can try but you will not be able to raise a single finger on the either of the two.”

She did not stop there, she even gave a message that ‘haters gonna hate’, “I am a proud Indo-Caribbean girl who doesn’t know how to shrink & crumble in shame of something you or your society cannot handle. It’s just in my ‘illegitimate’ genes,” she wrote.

For them ‘bastard kids’.🤡

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