Knockout Ways to Wear A Kaftan!

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When summer hits, you know it’s time to break out the summery, breezy and light clothing hiding in your closet. But, unfortunately, for many of us living in colder climates, summer days don’t seem to be enough. In addition, summer seems to be much shorter than the longer, colder months, so is it wise to splurge on summer clothing when you can only wear it four months out of 12?


It’s a valid question to ask yourself, especially if you don’t intend to purchase plenty of clothes but instead look for things to update the items you already have on hand. However, if you are looking for versatile summer clothes that you can wear to the beach, dinner, or even a day out to have coffee under the terrace, perhaps investing in a kaftan (or two!) will guarantee to become a long-lasting and versatile closet companion.


Kaftans are long flowy robes that are the staple in the Middle East and now have become part of today’s fashion scene. There’s a reason why it’s a favorite. For one, it fits any body size and shape! Secondly, it’s long and flowy, and with the right accessories, you can wear it from coffee and croissants at breakfast to browsing indie records at the street market during lunch and to cheese and wine at the rooftop terrace at night. It’s that versatile.


Here’s how you can style your kaftan for the various places you’ll go this summer:


  • Accessorize with your swimsuit

This is one of the most popular ways to wear a kaftan. It’s an ideal cover-up, and the perfect accessory for this would, of course, be your swimsuit or bikini. It’s long enough to cover up your body, so if you are invited for a beach or pool party, glam it up with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. When you’re ready to take a dip, remove it and head to the water. A kaftan helps you stay cool and prevents the sun’s harsh rays from causing damage to your skin- remember to also load up on sunscreen and choose natural fibers for your kaftan, such as cotton work best for summer kaftans to keep you feeling fresh and light.


  • Style it up with lace or tie-back sandals

The soft and breezy material of the kaftan complements the lightness of laced or strappy sandals. Flat sandals are always the better choice for a kaftan, but if you want to make it more formal, then strappy heels go well. Think Carrie Bradshaw in Saudi Arabia and how she glammed up her kaftan for a night out. Using a belt to cinch the waist of your kaftan also gives it an elevated and elegant look. Pair the look with some bangles or statement earrings or even long necklaces. If you’re feeling bold, why not a turban?


Kaftans are perfect complements to any dinner occasion as they can be dressed up to suit dinners and lunches on a hot day.


  • Choosing the right fabric for the right occasion

Where you plan to wear your kaftan will help you choose the right type of fabric. While many think that kaftans are ideal only in the summer, choosing the right kind of fabric will ensure you stay comfortable even when it’s a little chilly outside. Pairing your kaftan with leggings underneath will undoubtedly keep you warm. Kaftans come in a range of fabric types and patterns like the ones from the  Kaftko collections. You can also get kaftans in plain colors. Satin, silk and even georgette make for an ideal choice for formal gatherings, whereas silk, cotton and other natural fabrics can be reserved for a casual meeting.


  • Add in pants for a showstopper look


Kaftans are ideal for mixing and matching. You can find both long and short versions of kaftans, although the longer ones are more common. Pairing your kaftan with leggings keeps the chill away, or skinny ankle jeans are also another great way to style up your kaftan. What’s more, if you have a tube-top one-piece jumper, this is a suitable combo for after-work dinners. Pairing your kaftan with a crop top and high-waisted culottes is also an excellent way to add some flavor to your closet. You can keep it modest by adding clothing underneath your kaftan, or you can keep it sexy with a bralette underneath and a low v-neck collar.


  • Bag it up

What other ways can you complement your kaftan? Adding a bag to fit the occasion, of course! Going to the beach? Well, grab your oversized tote to dump in everything from your favorite book, sunglasses and sunscreen. A small, bejeweled purse provides the added glitter to your outfit for a night out to a fancy dinner. Handbags of any size with a long strap can be used for casual afternoons walking the city streets. If your kaftan is bright and colorful, a nude bag or even one that is transparent is the perfect compliment.


  • What about shoes?

Kaftans are known for their versatility also because you can mix and match your footwear depending on the occasion. For example, if you want to keep it casual, white sneakers with your colorful kaftans make the perfect pair for discovering a new city or place, what with all the walking you’ll be doing. But, of course, to keep it classy for dinner, strappy heels work best to keep the theme of ‘light and breezy’ from head-to-toe. Gladiator sandals also work for a kaftan, especially when you pick the right kind of patterns, such as zebra or cheetah prints, to add a little safari feeling.


Kaftans are both comfortable and versatile, a perfect companion to any person’s wardrobe. Accessorizing it is also easy because you can go big with statement pieces from colorful hoop earrings to scarves, or you can keep it simple with tiny gold studs and a thin gold necklace.

Whatever you do, you can wear your kaftan with many different clothing items to suit the various occasions and locations.





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