Adventure seeker, or no-hassle globetrotter, what’s your traveling type?

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If you live near a tourist-y place, chances are you’ve engaged in tourist-watching before . It is a self-healing activity in which you try to recognize one’s traveling personality through a series of stereotyping and common tourist-wise practices.  It’s fun, occasionally hilarious and can be surprisingly self-revealing if done right!

Let’s see if these traveling types is something you recognize (in others, or yourself!)


The All-Pumped-Up Traveler

You are not simply excited, you are over the heels with your trip; adrenaline buzzing in your veins, your heart racing from the moment you pack your bags, to the moment of returning back home.


  • Taking pictures of absolutely everything, a Mc Meal, a pair of matches, a dust bin, anything useless and uninteresting; this type of traveler frames it.
  • The all-pumped-up traveler, once on a trip, transforms into a tireless android, restlessly and mercilessly dragging whoever happens to be with them in all their big and small adventures.
  • If you can name every single street, museum and bistro, in a city you’ve visited 5 years ago, you are likely to be the all-pumped up traveler.


The Adventure-Seeker

The adrenaline addicted traveler

Devoted nature lovers, adventure-seekers see every destination as an opportunity to physically and mentally immerse in the unknown culture, in the best way possible.

Naturally born leaders, these travelers avoid anything tourist-y and commercial and go instead for the unique, thrilling, original experience a country has to offer. Always on a budget they are well informed on the cheapest ways to get by whilst exploring the world. Alternatively called the true-traveler.


  • Backpack. It’s the type of traveler always on stand-by, awaiting the next adventure to call in.  Natural propensity for doing things the hard way; experimenting and adrenaline-addicted, this traveler claims that the more difficulties they face, the more worthwhile their trip is.
  • Prefers physical activities, seeking to engage in local activities and customs to better grasp their culture. Immersion is everything.
  • You are a true traveler if you have been planning a road trip for a year now and are about to spend an indefinite time at your destination(s), including hostel accommodation.


The Let’s go Over the Board Traveler

Usually these travelers are withing the 25-35  age group. Saving money all year, they travel abroad to escape work and have fun. Usually the journey’s incentive is partying, clubbing and shopping all three in exuberant amounts.

Especially if we are talking about the ladies; either the main reason for traveling will be shopping in the first place, or shopping will inevitably become the journey’s focal point.


  • This one’s excitement is fueled by luxury brands and labels she/he cannot find in her/his own city. Or alternatively she/he is seduced by the tireless partying and night life offered.
  • Daily plans include (scarce, if any) sightseeing and fierce, relentless shopping. This travelers solely travel during summer months preferring European hot spots like Spain, Greece and Italy.
  • They exclusively prefer glamorous, trendy destinations. If upon returning back home you barely remember your journey and all you can talk about is the shoes and bags you bought, this is you!

Have you identified your traveling type yet?


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