7 Confessions Of A Shopaholic

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Well, being a shopaholic kind of ruins any finance plans that you have ever had. It can get bad. It can get ugly, real fast. A glimpse into such a management!


1. I buy things. Actually a lot of them. Anytime I can find a plausible excuse to.  And sometimes I even end up throwing stuff out or giving stuff away at least four times a year because the rooms get too cluttered.

shop 1


2. Shopping sometimes keeps me from going to work.

shop 2


3. I buy stuff I don’t need.

shop 3


4. My closet is full of unopened shopping bags. I would get around that task later though!

shop 4


5. And today I need to decide between paying for a new pair of shoes or rent.

shop 5


6. Have been termed Shopaholic: This is not mere over-indulgence, the name insists; this is a disease. A condition, a syndrome, whose ‘victims’ — just like those in the grip of alcohol — deserve your heartfelt compassion.

shop 6


7. OR it can be just my greed!

shop 7


WARNING: This person frequently spends beyond his or her means, so he or she may sacrifice money for food, rent, utilities, or simply be unable to pay rising credit card balances. Once a shopaholic spends beyond his or her limits, the disease, like an addiction to drugs, can worsen. The person may indulge in compulsive theft, or may steal money from others in order to continue shopping. What began as joy at finding a few good bargains can end in financial ruin, and even criminal prosecution.


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